Lexia strives to provide a structure through which students generate their own learning and actively participate in their educational process. At the core of this paradigm lies the belief that learning-by-doing is the most effective way to learn. This belief has been applied to many disciplines, from the sciences to the arts. Lexia programs then take this process one step further by seeking experience-based understanding. It is the process of structured and guided reflection, in-depth examination, and critical thinking that leads to understanding. Just as Socrates said, the "unexamined life is not worth living," neither may the unexamined experience be worth having.

One of the most valuable aspects of this learning is that it can create a momentum of its own. It will equip students to initiate and seek out cross cultural understanding and communication while instilling in them an innate sense of curiosity and desire for further learning. By "making learning their own," students will be better equipped to face new situations or adversity anywhere in the world.

For many students this will entail a new sense of freedom:

  • a freedom to explore and question strongly held beliefs, values and constructs of identity 
  • a freedom to explore a culture on its own terms as a valuable alternative to organizing everyday life
  • a freedom to assert their independence from their colleagues, their cultural contemporaries and, in many ways, their former selves
  • a freedom to use their time and energies in a less regulated and structured manner than what they are used to

These freedoms should be empowering and liberating, and students should be encouraged to develop a corresponding sense of responsibility.

This model of learning is based on the fundamental assumption that students have the capability to undertake such freedom and responsibility. Although they may not be prepared for it--or even aware of it--upon arrival, Lexia programs seek to impart to students the importance of experiential understanding.

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