The mission of Lexia is to provide academically rigorous experiential learning abroad through field research alongside traditional classroom instruction. 

At Lexia we believe that "study abroad" should entail far more than simply continuing your education outside of the United States. On Lexia's programs, we ask you to redefine how you approach learning by using the opportunity of academic study to truly engage in life in another place. We hope you will cross the barriers of language, tradition, and culture, make new and unexpected connections, and deeply analyze those experiences in the best tradition of cultural research. We also ask you to rethink what "abroad" means. While many study abroad organizations define their programs in terms of differing national cultures, we want you to encounter "culture" not simply as an abstract national ideal promoted in textbooks but also a complex and often contested sharing of experience in the daily lives of real people, both within--and across--national boundaries.
One of the most important changes we can make is to alter the way we look at the world. We can change studies, jobs, neighborhoods, even countries and continents, and still remain much as we always were. But really engaging another culture and truly seeing through the eyes of its members can transform everything: our priorities, our values, our judgements, and our pursuits. Lexia's goal is to enable you to truly see in new ways, to think in a new language, and to draw on deep knowledge of other cultures and value systems. We believe such goals are important for living fully in today's interconnected world.
T.S. Eliot wrote, "the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." By reframing everyday experience in another place as a key moment for learning, our students acquire new understanding of themselves and their values. It can be truly life changing. Whether your career becomes international or not, your experience will give you a deepened understanding that you will never lose. In the process, you will have made friends in a different part of the world, creating new connections across borders, shaping new communities of learning and goodwill. The staff of Lexia understands these benefits firsthand, having spent collectively many years deeply involved with overseas study. We at Lexia are ready to facilitate your exploration of the unfamiliar, where real learning begins.
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