Custom & Faculty-Led Programs

Colleges and universities are increasingly developing custom and faculty-led programs. Lexia is uniquely poised to assist institutions in developing these programs. Whether it is a faculty-led summer program or a discipline-specific semester program, Lexia has the experience to deliver quality.

Faculty-led programs have increased in popularity due to their curricular flexibility. Generally running during the summer, they are an excellent way for students to go abroad and to expand their academic experience while remaining enrolled in their fall/spring classes.  Custom programs are an innovative way for colleges and universities to expand their existing curriculum, especially in fields such as architecture, nursing, or engineering, which are not generally represented by typical study abroad offerings.

With the contributions of both the faculty leader and host lecturers, students are able to immerse themselves in the culture to a greater degree than with a typical program. Site visits to local museums, organizations, houses of worship, or government institutions enhance the overall understanding of the subject matter and host city.

With Lexia, faculty members have the ability to focus their energy on the content of the program and delivering that content to students. Using our experience and network of contacts, Lexia can arrange logistics from applications and housing to classroom space and guest lecturers. Our talented on-the-ground staff are either native to the city or are long-term residents, and can assist with guidance and translation as well as access to medical personnel if necessary.

If interested, please contact LEXIA's Executive Director, Ned Harvey, by email at


Planning a Program


  • Destination
  • Term and year of the program
  • Excursions
  • Cultural activities
  • Housing type for students and, if needed, faculty



  • Academic content
  • Academic support – guest speakers or site visits related to coursework
  • Promotion



  • Program dates and length of the program
  • Expected enrollment
  • Target price of the program
  • Other inclusions/service (dinners etc.)



1 year

Contact your Regional Consultant or University Advisor to discuss program ideas and objectives and begin developing a program proposal.


8 to 10 months

Finalize your Program Agreement outlining all the terms of the program.


6 to 8 months

Begin active marketing of your customized program. Lexia is available to assist or collaborate on the following:

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Information tables
  • Classroom presentations
  • Customized website landing pages


3 to 6 months

Begin student enrollment and finalize academic and logistic details. Begin pre-departure advising.

Depart for your program, have a great time.


1 to 2 months after program completion

Participate in active program assessment and review student responses.


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