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Ready to expand your horizons and see another part of the world in a new light? Lexia has compiled these FAQs to help you get started on the right track.

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Why go on a Lexia program instead of one offered by my school?

a) Like most programs, Lexia offers students the opportunity to learn the language, culture, politics, economics and history of another country. One aspect 
that makes Lexia semester and academic year study abroad programs unique is that students complete a Research Methods Seminar and Field Research Project during the semester and academic year programs, in addition to the traditional language and area studies and culture courses. Students are able to enhance their knowledge of a particular topic of interest within the context of another culture, while learning how to conduct research in a foreign setting. Subject areas for the Field Research Project have been as varied as education, politics, economics, biochemistry, opera, and sculpture. Visit the Research page for more information.

b) While housing options differ from site to site, Lexia housing options are designed to encourage linguistic and cultural exposure.

c) Lexia groups are small, which ensures that each student receives personal attention from the program faculty, Resident Director and staff.

d) At each of Lexia’s sites, students are hosted at prominent universities and/or language institutes, where they are taught by local faculty rather than professors from U.S. universities. One of the recognized strengths of Lexia’s programs is the strong supporting faculty and staff in the host country and at the headquarters 
in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Does Lexia offer degree programs?

Lexia is not a university and does not offer degree programs. However, Lexia students earn academic credit towards 
their undergraduate degrees, and they may combine academic year and summer programs and/or participate in programs 
at more than one Lexia site to increase the amount of credit earned. Students who participate in more than one program are eligible for a discount.


What language of instruction is used?

With the exception of the language course, Lexia courses are taught in English. Students in their second semester of an academic year program may complete their elective tutorial courses in the host country’s language, assuming adequate proficiency.

Please Note: The Lexia Buenos Aires Latin American Studies program is taught exclusively in Spanish. Such is the case in Havana, Cuba, where all course instruction is in Spanish as well.



Do I have to be a matriculated student (enrolled at a university) to participate?

No. Lexia accepts applications from all qualified applicants. If you are taking a semester or year off from your home institution, are between undergraduate and graduate school or between school and a career, we welcome your application.


Can I go on this program if my school is not on the list of institutions?

Certainly! We welcome students 
from any institution. The institutions listed are some of those from which we have received students in the past.


How long does it take Lexia to review my application?

Lexia operates on a rolling admissions basis, so you are welcome to apply anytime before the application deadline. Once we receive your completed application with all supporting materials (outlined at the beginning of the application), you should allow two weeks for the Admissions Committee to make its decision, though you may hear from us sooner.


What are the minimum requirements to apply?

Students applying for Lexia programs must be enthusiastic about embarking on an international experience, have a cumulative Grade Point Average of B- or above in their major field of study and have at least sophomore standing at an undergraduate institution by the program start date. Students who have not yet completed one year of college level courses may also apply, and their applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Some prior knowledge of the language of the host country is recommended, but not required.


How many students take part in each program?

Lexia programs typically consist of between 10 and 25 students per program each semester or session; class size is sometimes smaller. Lexia strives to maintain relatively small classes to ensure that students receive personal attention from their Resident Director, instructors 
and staff.



How many courses can I take?

All students take four courses per semester, one of which is
 an independent Field Research Project. All students participating in the summer program take two or three courses.


Am I enrolled and taking courses with host-country students?

Lexia semester and summer program students are not directly enrolled at
 Lexia’s affiliated institutions. Instead
, students take courses in English designed specifically for Lexia students. Although in most cases students do not have host-country students in class, regular contact with local students and faculty 
is strongly encouraged and facilitated. A variety of opportunities exist for students 
to interact with local people and practice their language skills.

Depending on the program location, Academic Year programs students may have the option to take classes during their second semester with host-country students in English and/or the local language if their language ability is at an appropriate level.


Who will be in the classes with me?

With the exception of the language course, your classmates are primarily other Lexia students. In most cases you have other international students in your language course (for example, students from other study abroad programs or from other countries).

Second semester academic
 year students may also have other international students and local students in their Elective Tutorial Courses.


Credit Transfer

What do I need to do to get my credit to transfer?

Most universities and colleges in the United States accept the credits from Lexia’s programs, and they have
 forms designed specifically for students studying on such programs. We recommend that you check with your institution’s study abroad office regarding its policies and procedures early in the planning process.

Official transcripts for Lexia programs are issued by Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, PA a Middle States accredited U.S. university.  Students in the Berlin Architecture and Pre-Architecture programs will receive a transcript from Norwich University in Northfield, VT, a NEASC accredited institution, with an NAAB-accredited School of Architecture.


My school uses quarter credit, not semester. May I enter your program?

It does not matter whether your institution is on a semester, trimester or quarter system because your institution can easily convert Lexia credits listed on your Elizabethtown College or Norwich University transcript to your school’s system. If your home institution is on a quarter system, you might consider participating in a Lexia program in the fall rather than in the spring so that you would miss only one term at your home institution, rather than two.


Financial Aid

Can I use financial aid for this program?

In most cases students may use federal and/or state financial 
aid from their home institution to pay for Lexia programs. Please check with your financial aid office regarding its policies on the use of financial aid for study abroad. Be persistent: the first person you speak to may not be aware that there is a person in the financial aid office who works with financial aid transfer and consortium agreements.


Does Lexia or its schools of record offer federal financial aid?

Because Lexia is not a degree-granting institution, it cannot offer federal financial aid. Likewise, Lexia students are not considered matriculated toward a degree at the universities that process Lexia transcripts (schools of record), so these schools cannot process financial aid for Lexia students.


What other types of aid does Lexia offer?

Lexia offers limited scholarships and work-study aid to qualified applicants of Lexia overseas study programs only. Total awards (including work-study aid) are based on both need and merit and range from $250–750 for summer terms and $250–1500 per semester. You must submit a separate scholarship application to Lexia by the deadline to be considered for these awards.


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