Rethinking Culture

We tend to assume that national political boundaries are geographically natural and given, but the shared experiences of culture regularly cross, ignore, and transcend such borders. Family, school, neighborhood, work, region, nation, religion, ethnicity, class, gender—all these categories of social experience are important and connected, and overlap with one another in different ways, at different moments, for individuals and communities.

How we understand our own identities is shaped by the cultural ideologies and traditions we recognize as important over time, as we go about our lives with family, friends, co-workers, and fellow citizens. To live in another place literally means to relocate your identity and, in doing so, to learn new cultural ideologies and traditions and create new bounds of understanding.

At Lexia we want to go beyond reductive explorations of “national culture.” But that does not mean ignoring the power of national identity or simply embracing a naïve globalism. We ask only that you challenge accepted notions of both sameness and difference among human beings and seek an experiential understanding about the complexities of cultural identity in the modern world.
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