Reframing Experience

Most people tend to conceive of the world by projecting their own local experiences into the world, by imagining other people living similar lives beyond the horizon. Directly engaging a different culture proves that perception to be both true and false, challenging ones's values in complex ways and making for exciting-and lasting- moments of learning.

While many study abroad programs simply offer the opportunity to study in a foreign place, Lexia offers the opportunity to study a place itself through the active engagement of lived experience and the careful examination of that experience. You will learn how to speak the local language; observe and document everyday life; interact with people and ask about their concerns and values; analyze historical artifacts; and communicate what you've learned in academically meaningful discourse.

Just because Lexia programs are focused on culture does not mean that you have to be an anthropologist to enroll. Lexia's curriculum depends only on your willingness to examine your own experiences among others-something that can potentially cut across hundreds of disciplinary topics, from engineering to theatre.
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