Redefining Learning

Culture isn't something you can capture in a jar and study; it consists of the deeply felt ideas and experiences that make up the everyday lives of real people. Truly learning about the culture of another place can be achieved only through respectful engagement and invited participation, where individuals of different backgrounds learn from each other.

Lexia's approach depends on, and fosters, connections. As a complement to your own engagement with a local culture, Lexia asks that faculty from your home and host institutions communicate with each other about your work. In the end, rather than simply celebrate abstract ideas like "globalization," these concrete methods of interaction create new international communities of learning.

When you begin to see or hear like the stranger you're interviewing, when you discover abstract cultural ideas in your everyday experiences, you will have learned difficult and valuable skills of communication, applied thought, and synthesis. These moments are all part of Lexia's goal to help you find the confidence and intellectual maturity that will enable you to live fully in the modern world.
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